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Welcome to XL-Vapor. We have one goal: to provide the highest quality alternative to analog cigarettes. Analog Cigarettes - as many of you may already know contain carcinogens and tar which are detrimental. Nothing is more satisfying to us than helping out clients who are transitioning off of analog cigarettes to do so as smoothly and gracefully as possible. After all it isn’t exactly a walk in the park, and definitely isn’t an overnight journey; -that’s where we come into play.


Our Game Plan:

  1.        Do your research and arm yourselves with knowledge.

Our friendly & experienced staff are always available to guide/educate purchases so that each product is the right fit. Training courses are constantly implemented in staff meetings and have always upheld our standards to the ever so changing federal/state guidelines. As previous smokers who’ve all transitioned to vaping, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to vaping. Our advice is usually from first-hand experience and can turn a coil inside out and rebuild it from scratch. We strive to improve into excellence by really listening to our clients and taking feedback into heavy consideration.

2.  Find a Flavor that floats your boat.

We offer an extensive selection of E-Liquids that are 100% American Sourced containing 3 simple ingredients: propylene glycol, US Pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin, and nicotine. Nicotine being optional of course. With flavors like Fire & Ice for our menthol lovers to Midnight Cowboy- our top selling tobacco flavor (though we offer tobacco flavors there is no tobacco in our products) surely there is a flavor to suit the most complex pallets. At all times, there are roughly 50-60 flavors/flavor combinations in store at all times. How does our juices differ from the other suppliers on the internet you may ask? In the best interest of the company as well as our clients, we’ve chosen E-Liquid manufactures with scientists & lab grade kitchens. We’re also constantly sampling/researching premium E-Liquid lines to ensure we’re offering quality products. Solution base of 50% propylene glycol and 50% vegetable glycerin can be altered to preferences.

3.      Match the right product to your current smoking habit.

Find a product that will support your current habit. If you currently smoke 2-3 packs of analog cigarettes a day, a little ol’ 650 pen may not be the best fit for you. Sure opting out and upgrading before you even start could boggle one’s mind, but remember to be mindful that not all vapes are created equal. Same goes for current smokers who only smoke a few cigarettes a day, going with the biggest priciest mod isn’t your best bet either.  If you’ve tried to quit using a cheap gas station vape that gave out after a few weeks, then you’ve just rediscovered the old saying –“you get what you pay for.” As users of our own products, we strive to always fit the right product to each customer while being mindful of budgets. Understanding this is a crucial step for smooth transitioning.

4.       Stick with it!

       The pros of vaping vs smoking analog cigarettes far outweigh the cons. Sure there are more pieces to keep up with etc., but there is nothing more encouraging than knowing that you have transitioned off a product that claims 50% and more of its user’s life.



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